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Exploration Lite

Andrzej Chomiak
Android Version Icon2.3.3 - 2.3.7+
Android Version
2.0.0(27-06-2019)Latest version
(258 Reviews)
Age ratingPEGI-3

Description of Exploration Lite

Don’t miss the chance to build your own 3D world.

Exploration Lite was inspired by the popular game Minecraft and brings you all the fun and excitement of that game, without having to pay and with lots of different features that will keep you playing for hours to come. Be careful not to get addicted, because this game will definitely be too much fun to stop playing.

You can build your own base, mine, castle or any other type of building of your imagination. It is up to you to choose how they look like, whether it is their colour or their size. You are in charge of all your creation and have endless building opportunities at your disposable.

Exploration Lite was created to give you the option to explore inside the game. With the editor feature, you can move, build and transform any part of the terrain, all in a 3D environment and world which will make it look more realistic.

This app is the free version of the Exploration game, so it doesn’t include all the original’s features, so if you wish to save your progress and restart from where you left of, you need the original version. However, Exploration Lite will also provide you with lots of different features and will give you a good time without a doubt.

Exploration Lite - Version 2.0.0

Other versions
What's new- new game name: Kiloblocks Lite, - new graphics and blocks, - new terrain generator.

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258 Reviews
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Good App GuaranteedThis app passed the security test for virus, malware and other malicious attacks and doesn't contain any threats.

Exploration Lite - APK Information

APK Version: 2.0.0Package: com.explorationbase.ExplorationLite
Android compatability: 2.3.3 - 2.3.7+ (Gingerbread)
Developer:Andrzej ChomiakPrivacy Policy:http://www.explorationbase.com/privacy.phpPermissions:0
Name: Exploration LiteSize: 6.5 MBDownloads: 752.5KVersion : 2.0.0Release Date: 2024-01-12 07:55:47Min Screen: SMALLSupported CPU: x86, armeabi, armeabi-v7a
Package ID: com.explorationbase.ExplorationLiteSHA1 Signature: B8:29:64:AB:50:EB:4D:0B:68:F4:C0:09:B7:59:C2:A8:B1:14:47:61Developer (CN): Andrzej ChomiakOrganization (O): Local (L): Country (C): State/City (ST):

Latest Version of Exploration Lite

2.0.0Trust Icon Versions
752.5K downloads6.5 MB Size

Other versions

1.3.3Trust Icon Versions
752.5K downloads2.5 MB Size
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